Palmer Vineyards

Pinot Blanc

White Wine

It's time for a getaway. Flavors of pineapple, allspice and vanilla take your palate on a tropical journey. Every sip will have you drifting away.

VARIETALS: Pinot Blanc
COUNTRY: United States
REGION: New York

 SCORE: 89
 CRITIC: Mark Squires
 PUBLICATION: Wine Advocate

The 2022 Pinot Blanc is unoaked, very dry and comes in at 12.2% alcohol. A solid Pinot Blanc, this seems surprisingly full in terms of mouthfeel. Then, it adds expressive (always dry) fruit and a fresh finish. This is a perfect summer wine, crisp and bright. Don't lose that. Under screw-cap, it may hold pretty well, maybe even better than anticipated, but that's not the point here. Feel free to dive in while it is young and fresh.

$ 21.99 (750ml)
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