Jim Beam

Maple Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


What happens when you infuse the world's finest Bourbon with the rich taste of maple? Our expert distillers found the answer with our new creation: A perfect balance of warm aromas, a hint of charred oak, complete with a subtle and smooth caramel finish. Chill it, pour it on the rocks or mix it in a cocktail.

COUNTRY: United States
REGION: Kentucky

 SCORE: 93

This maple-flavored Bourbon features rich and sweet maple and vanilla aromas and flavors, plus a lingering butterscotch note. A flicker of heat on the finish reminds one there's actually whiskey in there, and serves to balance out the sweetness with cinnamon and ginger sparks. Surprisingly addictive, this is one of the few flavored whiskies that works equally well mixed or sipped straight up.

$ 1.35 (50ml)
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