Finest Call

Strawberry Puree


Finest Call presents an array of 7 amazing, fruit-intensive puree mixes featuring the world's finest fruit and the perfect touch of all natural sweetener, gently-processed to create a burst of unmatched flavor. Each flavor delivers a "true to fruit" taste and aroma for: Daiquiris, Lemonades, Margaritas, Teas, Mojitos, Smoothies, Martinis, And more…Proprietary gentle-processing method maintains "fresh fruit" flavor notes and eliminates over-cooking, typical with other brands. Shelf stable before and after opening. The fruit selected for Finest Call Puree Mixes consists of only specially selected varieties and is harvested within a very narrow time frame in order to guarantee peak flavor and color. State of the art, high speed fruit processing capability lowers the production cost making the Puree Collection an excellent source of savings compared to the competition.

COUNTRY: United States
$ 6.99 (1L)
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