White Wine

Packing big, bold flavor with a smooth finish, Barefoot Chardonnay brings tempting flavors to every bottle, with notes of crisp, green apples and sweet peaches. Accented with hints of honey and vanilla, our medium-bodied Chardonnay pairs perfectly with fresh fruit, pasta, chicken, and salmon.

VARIETALS: Chardonnay
COUNTRY: California

 SCORE: 85
 CRITIC: MaryAnn Worobiec
 PUBLICATION: Wine Spectator

A bright, lemony wine, with good juicy acidity and hints of melon, spice and mandarin orange.

 SCORE: 82

Soft, sweet and simple, with peach, tropical fruit and buttered toast flavors, this Chard will satisfy basic fans of the variety looking for a bargain.

$ 15.99 (1.5L)
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